Links between Vaccine Ingredients & Autism: Media suppression of Kennedy’s “Deadly Immunity” article



Kennedy’s “Deadly Immunity” Article Apparently Retracted from Slate”

Copy of Original Article
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The tsunami of folks damaged by the medical-establishment continues building -likely an unforseen calamity of immense proportions to this perverse public health strategy.  This strategy – driven by profits, highly suspect science and questionable ethics, has many earmarks of less than benign forces. Eisenhower warned of the Military Industrial Complex taking over things; now we have the Medical Industrial Complex.  It appears to operate with the same degree of secrecy, impunity, and lack of governmental or critical scientific oversight

 As Blaylock (I think) put it, paraphrasing- “vaccination is chemical rape, often of the innocents”.  

 Manufactured “scientific statistics” has been ongoing for the better part of the last 20-25 yrs with HIV/AIDS “epidemics” in Africa.  Rather than the guise of vaccinations (although that may likely occur as well), the ruse has been coercive compliance with…

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