MMR-Autism: A new paradigm, or at least a shifting one.

MMR Vaccination – Autism / ASD appear linked: The new paradigm May 2013

Supression of thought: I wonder if this is how varied repressive institutions operate to maintain intellectual control.  The reason the ‘net is so slow today is because all the folks with vaccine-damaged kids are lawyering up and putting down deposits to get attorneys on retainer or maybe a boatload of FB traffic on the NVIC fan page.

Seems that blocking stories such as these in order to protect long entrenched medical ideologies, moneyed interests, and perhaps delay legal actions probably isn’t a good idea.

Been vetted by a number of corroborated peer-reviewed studies, latest one was from Wake Forest university in 2006 & 2013 timeframes. Many peer reviewed articles/podcasts available & discussions.
It is frankly amazing that Italy whose intellectual and scientific heritage includes:
1.  Gallileo (excommunicated for his astronomical views) and DaVinci
2. An incomprehensible legal system failure to properly convict corrupt/immoral politician (Berlisconi) 
3. Established the Mafia

had the social integrity to return a court finding establishing a causal link between MMR vaccination & autism.


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