Madness continued

Another solid piece by Celia Farber depicting the current madness of the HIV=AIDS orthodoxy and the current state of the medical establishment.  Apparently, the local authorities deemed that 4 month old Rico could remain in physical custody of his parents but his ‘medical custody’ remains in control of the State. His family stands, I guess, accused of the crime of ‘thinking or contemplating’ not giving the HIV+ newborn antiretroviral drugs.

Thought crimes indeed…. as Ms Farber portrays the events, we’re experiencing the post-apocalyptic version of the Salem Witch trials. No tangible evidence of wrongdoing, just perception(s).

No real crimes, just the ‘thought’ that they might consider not chemically treating Rico for his ‘condition’.

Here’s a thought for the prosecutors and State: how about treating Rico & his family with some dignity, compassion, respect & medical common sense rather than ‘fear and loathing’?  As have been stated previously, pets get better compassionate treatment than folks like this family.


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